Guidelines from the Rabbonim for Pesach Prep

Notice about Mechiras Chametz from the Rabbonim of the PC Covid-19 Task Force 


Dear Passaic-Clifton Community:

In a normal year, Mechiras Chametz is used in a limited fashion to address necessity. Therefore, one avoids purchasing chametz in the days leading up to Pesach if that chametz would only be used after Pesach. Some maintain the practice of avoiding the sale of any chametz gamur in the Mechiras Chametz.

This year, necessity dictates using our Mechiras Chametz more broadly. The intensive shopping that follows after Pesach, particularly this year when Pesach ends on Thursday night, would inevitably cause large numbers of people to enter stores within a short time span. Bringing people into close proximity is a danger that is prohibited al pi din.

Consequently, we are counseling and encouraging our Kehillos to buy the products that they will need after Pesach, including chametz gamur, li’chatchila and without hesitation, in order to avoid the potential sakana that could result from post-Pesach shopping.

We also note that no Hataras Nedarim is required for those who have refrained from selling chametz gamur in the past.

In the zechus of adhering to the imperative of ve’chai bahem and vi’nishmartem me’od li’nafshoseichem, we should merit to quickly see the fulfillment of ve’nochal sham min ha’zevachim u’min ha’pesachim. 

Rabbonim of PC Dovid-19 Task Force

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