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Click Here to access Otzar HaChochmah. Now free as a resource for learning.

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Great learning resource for children of all ages!


As our schools stay closed for an indefinite amount of time, our parents and teachers are desperately looking for ways to continue their kids’ Jewish education. One solution is the Torah Live distance learning platform, which brings Torah to life with educational and entertaining videos that enthrall and teach children. The Passaic-Clifton (CTF) is sponsoring a full premium membership to any and every family in the community, meaning that every family can make use of this resource at no cost.


Your children will learn halacha, middos and Jewish holidays in depth through multimedia presentations that combine narration, animation and special effects. Kids will enjoy the accompanying online games and quizzes, while teachers will want to take advantage of the student workbooks, lesson plans and source books. The turnkey site contains hundreds of hours of authentic Torah films organized in many topics -- and is appropriate for a range of ages.


Access to the site is made by clicking here, and then entering the access code: Passaic-Clifton


May we all continue to grow in our Torah and mitzvot during this difficult time.

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