Seasons and Kosher Konnection



Social Distancing in Stores


Please follow these guidelines carefully


  1. There shall be no more than 20 customers in Kosher Konnection and no more than 50 shoppers in Seasons at any time. 

  2. No children under the age of 16.

  3. All customers shall use a mask and gloves at all times in the stores and sanitize their hands-on exiting.

  4. Customers should limit their time in the stores.

  5. Customers should not engage in unnecessary conversation.

  6. Customers must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet (two cart lengths) from other customers at all times.

  7. There shall be 6-foot spacing between customers at the check-out line.

  8. All shopping carts shall be wiped down after each use.

  9. All employees shall wear a mask and practice hand hygiene (Purell and/or handwashing).


For People Ages 60+, Immunocompromised or with COVID-19

Bikur Cholimwill shop for you and deliver your food to your home (1 order per week)

To request this service click call Chani Wallach 9737180229 or Racquel Houpt 9178161868


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