The Passaic-Clifton Covid-19 Task Force has been formed under the direction and participation of the Rabbonim of the shuls of our community to coordinate and disseminate information and guidelines to the community. The Task Force includes representation from Rabbonim, Menahalim, Physicians, Government Representatives (list at bottom). The task force has been fortunate to consult with an expert in infectious diseases from a major medical school and will continue to do so.


The information available regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, from the CDC, WHO and other reliable sources, is incomplete and therefore requires decision making in the absence of definitive guidelines. Additionally, the general guidance provided by the CDC is not in all cases relevant to or sufficiently specific to address the realities of a Torah-observant community. Therefore,  the Task Force will serve to present an assessment of the medical and scientific information to the Rabbinic leadership who will then render specific binding guidelines for our community response to this crisis. 


This website will serve as an up-to-date source of information and guidance to the community, including:

  1. Current status of COVID-19 in our community.

  2. Basic facts about COVID-19 and how to prevent spread and disease.

  3. Medical guidance for those at highest risk.

  4. Closing details, if any, for shuls, schools, etc.

  5. Guidelines for “social distancing” that are specific to our social structure and way of living.

  6. Links to reliable sources of information.


We wish to emphasize, consistent with warnings from the CDC and AMA, that much incorrect information regarding COVID-19 is circulating via social media, on the Internet and by word of mouth. This website is intended to convey the current state of knowledge based on reliable expert sources and we strongly advise community members to consider as their primary source of guidance and information. We will make every effort toward transparency with respect to the reasons behind guidelines and recommendations.


Much thought and effort has been expended to address this challenging situation. However, as with each and all situations in life, we do what we are responsible to do, but recognize that everything is in the hands of Hashem. It is our fervent prayer that Hashem should bring the present crisis to a quick conclusion and that we be able to serve Him in best health.


Community Task Force Membership:


Rabbi Aaron Cohen             Dr. Chaim Gejerman              Councilman Chaim Mordechai Munk

Rabbi Yaakov Glasser          Dr. Mira Hellmann-Ostrov      Mr. Yaacov Meir Brisman

Rabbi Yossi Hirth                  Dr. Rosy Joseph                      Mr. Nachum Rackoff

Rabbi Menachem Zupnik    Dr. Jerry Lax                            

                                               Dr. Menachem Lipton

                                               Dr. Michael Rosen

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